H & N Baracuda FT .177 cal


H & N Baracuda FT  .177 cal …..awesome NEW pellet from H & N

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The new Baracuda FT is specially designed for pinpoint accuracy at long distances.

The FT pellets are produced with great care in small batches only ,with weight tolerances reduced to a max of+/-0.25%.

To avoid any imperfect pellets all batches are hand sorted and carefully inspected before packing.

Further each batch is tested at a 50m indoor range witha electronic assessment.After 5 shots at 50m each lot has to reach a grouping of max 12mm and after 20 shots a max of 20mm(c-t-c)

Additional information

Head size .177 cal


Weight .177 cal

9.57 gr

Pellets per tin .177